July 2021 - Carry
Another update for July, likely the last for this month.
Managed to obtain a new camera bag. Doesn't sound like much, but it affords me the opportunity to carry both the Nikon Z5 and Fuji X-e4 plus 5 lenses with 2 attached to each camera, in a suprisingly small package. It also allows for other bits and bobs. I have an affinity for Roots camera bags, and this one is part of the 'Roots 73' Collection. Just the right size, though its not weather proofed, its a very easy carry.
Nerd picture to right :)
It also fits an 8 inch tablet if that's your cup of tea. It's specifically the Roots 73 Uptown Digital SLR Camera Bag, if you're in need. Usually available from Best Buy or Henry's in Canada.

July 2021 - Instagram vs Ello
I have a bunch of thoughts since I stopped using Instagram for the second time and started using Ello. Mainly that it is pretty freeing, but I won't go beyond that as its a moot point and its not like people will suddenly make the switch from the evil machine, lol.
Did I mention Ello has no ads nor censorship? ;)
In other news more photographically aligned, I recently picked up the 35mm Nikkor 1.8s. It is likely the only lens I will ever need for the Nikon in consideration of what I do and how I do it.
Keeping it as simple as possible.

July 2021 - Social Media
You can now find me posting to Ello at ello.co/christm which I favour over Instagram.
July 2021 - Gear
I'm a Fuji lover primarily, for all the same reasons most Fuji lovers are - a more engaging and manual experience looking back to the days of film.
However, I'm also a newly minted Nikon user as well, at least digitally.
Primarily, I use the FujiFilm x-e3, X-e4 as they are easy to travel with, and the Nikon z5. I opted for a nikon z5 as it's much more stills focused and full frame, and Fuji has decided not to pursue full frame at this time.
For my film work, its mainly various Minolta 35mms and a Mamiya 645 Super.

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